"The Warrior Way" - Budo

The study of Budo opens a portal, enabling the person to protect one's self, develop the body, mind and spirit, learn compassion towards others, to serve our society, or something bigger than "self". 

The study of Budo most certainly is not only about physical strength, being strong and tough, or preying on the weaker for selfish gratification. The study of Budo enables a person to master themselves, intuitively, acting with correct action in a given situation without unknowingly contributing to the creation of even more senseless actions or violence.

In the end, Budo teaches us to live in balance, versus struggling with everything around us, seeking the illusion of control.

A true martial art, or form of Budo, is a philosophy with a physical expression. The unification of body, mind and spirit creates a clarity and calmness which transfers to daily life.

Without this transfer from the dojo to life, there is no Budo, only the pointless learning of martial technique for its own sake. Self defense is definitely learned as an outcome of our study, but it is a "by-product" of training and not the sole reason to train.

"A martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence- Kenji Tomiki

This is a different perspective of Budo than you may find in other organizations. But for our family of budoka, in our dojo, within the Shisei Ryu Aikibudo Kai; it is "why" we study our form of Budo.

We hope you are looking for the same ethos in your training - if you are, please join us in the journey and make it "yours".

Ducote Sensei - 8th Dan - Kyoshi


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